Booking Events Mata Ki Chowki Mandali – Price Starts Rs.21000*

Mata Ki Chowki Party

Established in 2003, Booking Events has built a reliable reputation as a trusted Mata Ki Chowki Party. With a seasoned team comprising Orchestra Group, Professional Male/Female Singers, Chorus Artists, beautiful Darbar Setups, premium sound systems, and renowned Jhanki artists, we bring a wealth of experience to ensure your Mata Ki Chowki event is exceptional.

Mata ki chowki events are meant to be auspicious and spread positivity everywhere. We proudly say we are one of the best Mata ki Chowki Party in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurgaon.

We have a lot in our stock to offer to people who want to spread positivity in their places. Also, if you book for Mata ki Chowki events before any of your important functions, we can deal with that very comfortably. We have the best plans to offer our clients, customizing their plans and making them as affordable as possible.

Process of Booking Our Mata Ki Chowki Party–

Step 1 – Contact Us and share details like Event Date, Location (Locality, Venue) & Timings

Step 2 – We will visit the venue and share a best-suited team for your event

Step 3 – Selections (Darbar, Jhanki and Singers)

Step 4 – Booking Confirmation with Token Amount

Booking for a Mata ki Chowki Mandli is very easy. You need to call us on our official contact number and tell us about your requirements. Once you book an appointment with our associate, they will take all the details about the event from you and will know your customized needs. Being the best Mata ki Chowki organizers in Delhi and other places, Booking Events will arrange everything perfectly for you.

Also, we will let you know about the estimated cost and all the included materials beforehand. This way, your further planning can go smoothly. If any changes or suggestions exist from your side, we can take them on the spot and make the arrangements accordingly.

What We Provide in Mata Ki Chowki Event –

1. Latest and Beautiful Darbar Setups (Jhule Wala, Jhande Wala, Flowers Bhawan)

2. Professional Singers and chorus Artists (Male and Female)

3. Orchestra Musical Band Group

4. Well-equipped sound systems (Mics, Speakers, Stands, etc…)

5. Jhanki Artists (Shiv Parwati, Kali, Radha Krishna Sudhama etc…)

Why Choose Booking Events for Mata Ki Chowki Party?

The preparations and arrangements for Mata ki Chowki are usually tiring. Hence, a single person can’t do all the things perfectly, and sometimes may lead to absolute failure. We don’t want this to happen to you. That is the reason; we are bestowing our clients with the best-in-class Mata ki Chowki decoration along with some magnificent Jhanki’s. Not only this we also provide required light and sound facilities, sitting arrangements, venues like Bhawans, and whatnot for the Mata ki Chowki program. So, next time you need to book one for yourself, do remember the name i.e. Booking Events. 

Mata Ki Chowki Party Prices –

The mata ki chowki price varies according to client requirements. Usually, the total cost of this event is around Rs. 21,000 to 1 lakh. That is why you need to arrange a proper meeting with us if you want to get the exact mata ki chowki cost. Once you explain all of your requirements correctly, Booking Events will plan everything and give you an estimate of the price required to make the Mata Ki Chowki event successful for you.

Timings of Mata Ki Chowki –

A complete mata ki chowki event is about 3-4 hours long. That is why the best time slot for arranging this event is about 6-9 pm. Apart from this, if daytime is considered, the best time for setting up the event is from 12 to 3 pm.

Where Can We Organize the Mata Ki Chowki?

No venue is an issue when organizing a mata ki chowki. This is because we have proper planning for all the venues and have made an appropriate arrangement for your platform. Whether the venue is a banquet hall, a street area, a community center, a hotel, or a clubhouse, we make the best arrangements for every place.

Puja Samagri List –

We provide a complete puja samagri list, which has each item needed at the time of puja in the event. Some common items are below –

  • माता की चुन्नी – 2
  • नारियाल – 2
  • देसी घी – 1 किलो
  • माला – 10 छोटी, 7 बड़ी आकार
  • भोग -1 kg मिठाई का डब्बा, पंचमेवा

But here we want to inform you that the list we will provide once the booking is confirmed. We ensure the list we will provide covers all the puja samagri necessary for the Mata ki chowki, and you do not have to worry about any damage missing at the last moment.

What you have to provide –

It is our specialty to provide almost everything necessary to organize a mata ki chowki at a place, except the Puja samagris. But for the smooth running of the event, we will provide you with a list of Puja Samagris that covers all the things necessary for Mata Ki Chowki. You just have to tell us your location. If it’s in Delhi NCR, then the venue is okay for us. Once the booking is made our team will visit the place and set up a proper venue and stage for the program. This way, clients don’t have to worry about anything once they book their appointment for Mata ki chowki mandali in their required place and time.

When should organize Events like Mata Ki Chowki –

Mata ki chowki is a very auspicious event that can be organized before any function to make that function successful and accomplished. Whether you are organizing Mata ki Chowki in Delhi or any other place, your event will surely be very positive and auspicious.

Functions such as engagements, weddings, birthdays, Anniversary events, and so on., are some important functions in which you can include keeping a mata ki chowki program to spread positivity and success vibes for the event.