What is Jagran Bhawan or Darbar?

Bhawan & Darbar basically known as stages which we develop for the Mata ka Jagran, Mata Ki Chowki, Sai Sandhya, Sunderkand Path and other types of spiritual program. Bhawan OR Darbar concept originates from the Indian temples on which devotees can imagine the God/Goddess. In northern India, We uses different types of god statues (Murti) like Maa Durga, Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna, Kalka Maa, Hanuman and many more. This statues beautifully painted with good quality of colors and shine in night/day light.  

The concept of Jagran Bhawan or darbar brings great positivity to everyone who attends this event. It is usually organized on special days but can be adjusted according to the requirements of people. Nowadays, the organization of this event can be done on various scales, small, medium, or large-scales. Jagran bhawan is also a type of get-together for bringing all of your family members and loved members together to praise God for at least some hours.

Types of Darbar for Mata ki Chowki and Jagran –

Nowadays, many new and innovative types of Jagran Bhawan decorations have come into existence. In many Jagran darbar photos that are widespread on the Internet, we can see a lot of different types of decoration patterns and Mata ki Chowki events held worldwide. These decorations can be Jhule Wala, Simple Murti, Flower Darbar, and many more.

Simple Darbar with Lighting and Murti –

In many Jagran darbar photos, you may observe that murti and lighting are given immense importance. Without these 2 things, a Jagran program may not run that successfully. For the same reason, keeping the lighting of the event elegant yet straightforward is very important. In the same way, bringing a small yet beautiful murti of mata and keeping the decorations around it subtle bring a significant impact to the whole setup undoubtedly.

Decorative Darbar (Jhule Wala/ Flowers Darbar) –

Decorating your place for the Mata ka darbar event needs a lot of perfection and attention. Among all the incredible decorations existing in the world for this event, 2 are very prominently used everywhere. These are the Jhule Wala & Flowers Darbar decorations. Both these look incredible because it makes your ceiling and surrounding much more realistic and lively. Your Jagran Bhawan will look much more enjoyable when these 2 decoration types are used.

Darbar for Big Setups like Mountains / Akshardham –

When our client wants to organize a big Jagran & Chowki, then we recommend biggest Bhawan Darbar Setups. Usually our big setup known as Mountain Bhawan, Waterfall Bhawan and Akshardham Temple Designed Bhawan. These types of Darbar decoration required a huge amount of tables and tent items.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

Que: What are the prices for Jagran Bhwan?

Ans: Jagran or Mata ki chowki darbar decoration may seem a little too much but minimal cost. The range of this function decoration starts from merely Rs. 2100 and can go up to as long as Rs. 15,000. This is a very affordable price for almost everyone as they can arrange an amazing and at least 50-300 people’s seating arrangement at this price.