Mata ki Chowki is a special expression of gratitude for God’s life experiences. It is made up of devotional songs, which are mainly sung in Hindi. Birthdays, Weddings, anniversaries, engagements, and Navratri celebrations are all suitable occasions for Mata ki Chowki. Depending on the religion, well-known performers are invited to perform, or it may be conducted by hosts and relatives.

The ‘Mata Ka Jagran’ program concept relies around on singing devotional prayers for 4 to 5 hours or sometimes overnight. Prayee presents ‘bhog prasad’ in the form of Halwa Chana and flowers. Finally, it is shared with everyone who has been invited.

Mata Ki Chowki Decoration Ideas

Decoration always takes a lot of time, especially when we are organizing a spiritual event like Mata ka Jagran and Chowki. We are sharing some fabulous ideas to decorating the Mata ki Chowki, Jagran & Sai Sandhya.

Red & Pink Lotus Decorations

#1 Red & Pink Lotus Decorations

This is one of the best mata ki chowki decoration ideas with a lotus, a small flower design. The hanging garlands of red and white flowers work as flower curtains. Another lotus made thick with red flowers adds value to this decoration. 

Mata Ki Chowki Decoration Ideas

#2 Seating with POP Ceiling

The decoration of the seating arrangement for the event looks great with a light and dark color combination. The false ceiling is laced with lights and decorative hanging pieces. The stage is set for the show with an amazing dark red background and laced with flower garlands. 

Flower decoration with side sitting arrangement

#3 Flower Decoration with Side Sitting Arrangement

The decoration of this type of arrangement is done in color theme and along with the marigold flower. This setup looks beautiful & elegant and can be done in color combination of any. However, mostly bright colors look mesmerizing.

Marigold flower decoration

#4 Marigold flower decoration

Varied shades of this vivid bloom naturally inspire a feeling of celebration! Golden, yellow, orange, rust…something there are about different colors of this vibrant bloom that naturally produces a feeling of celebration & devotion towards the jagran. Also, marigold flower decoration looks lavising.

Murti and flower decoration

#5 Murti and Flower Decoration

This is a simple mata ki chowki setup with murti and flower decoration. This setup is simple but looks extremely beautiful when decorated with flowers and lights. This is the most common type of mata ki chowki setup that is done.

Flower Decoration Behind Sitting Space For Singers

#6 Flower Decoration Behind Sitting Space For Singers

A heavenly stage and sitting decoration idea are done with flowers, flowy floral blooms, and sitting arrangements for singers & musicians. Adding the perfect royal touch to the stage backdrop are the upbeat latkans of different types of flowers.

Chowki Setup With Multiple Murtis

#7 Chowki Setup With Multiple Murtis

This chowki setup is done on a stage with multiple murtis and a mountain-like background. This grand mata ki chowki setup is unique & looks elegant and beautiful. Along with lights and music, the setup looks more ravishing.

Darbar With Lights And Multiple Murtis

#8 Darbar With Lights And Multiple Murtis

In many Jagran bhawan photos, you may observe that murti and lighting are given immense importance. Without these 2 things, a Jagran program may not run that successfully. For the same reason, keeping the lighting of the event elegant yet straightforward is very important. In the same way, bringing a small yet beautiful murti of mata and keeping the decorations around it subtle bring a significant impact to the whole setup undoubtedly.

Yellow & Orange Grand Setup

#9 Yellow & Orange Grand Setup

This yellow and orange grand pandal or setup is done along with a sitting arrangement in front of the stage. This mata ki chowki setup can be done in different colors and along with the flower decoration to give it a more beautiful look.

Elegant & Simple Decoration With Flowers

#10 Elegant & Simple Decoration With Flowers

This setup for mata ki chowki setup is done with murtis and flower decoration and bhog and aarti arrangement in the front. The setup can be done with multiple color flowers and in different color combinations.